Senior Living Facilities

Enhancing Organizational Health and Vitality for Senior Living Facilities

Senior living facilities face unique challenges in today’s evolving market landscape. From new and updated regulations to stringent compliance requirements and beyond, facilities must ensure solid financial performance in the present, plan for sustainable growth tomorrow and provide optimal resident service and care every day.

Richter can help. We support senior living facilities throughout the U.S. with fully customized, leading-edge consulting services. Our service offerings address the broad spectrum of senior living challenges in all relevant areas of operation.

Senior Living Clinical Challenges We Solve

  • Helping ensure optimal processes throughout your clinical operation
  • Achieving compliance with governmental rules and regulations, as well as payer mandates
  • Developing and deploying infection prevention and control strategies throughout your facility and in every facet of your organization
  • Helping you configure, optimize and utilize your EHR solution to ensure efficiency, productivity and profitability
  • Recruiting and training for key clinical personnel
  • Providing interim leadership support during times of transition

Senior Living Accounting Challenges We Solve

  • Helping ensure timely financial reporting
  • Preparing budgets
  • Handling audits in a timely and comprehensive fashion
  • Understanding diversified payers, shifting payment methodologies and lender requirements

Senior Living Outsourced Revenue Cycle Management Challenges We Solve

  • Understanding and complying with new and expanding payer sources
  • Meeting regulatory compliance mandates
  • Managing cash processes and debt reconciliations
  • Accounts receivable recovery and resolution – getting cash off the books and in the bank
  • Integrating technology and automation into the revenue cycle process
  • Tracking revenue from admissions through accounts receivable (AR)
  • Identifying efficiencies throughout the revenue cycle process

Senior Living Revenue Cycle and Reimbursement Challenges We Solve

  • Helping ensure timely and accurate claims submission
  • Design, implementation and training around revenue cycle workflow
  • Analyzing and implementing admission best practices
  • Devising and deploying effective census management strategies
  • Managing Medicare/third-party payer claims
  • Handling the Triple Check process accurately and efficiently
  • Developing advanced payer billing and revenue cycle denial management strategies
  • Educating and training staff around all other essential revenue cycle functions

Senior Living PointClickCare® Challenges We Solve

  • Configuring your PointClickCare® solution properly based on usage, payers, contracts, revenue codes and other variables
  • Integrating add-on modules fully into your operation
  • Helping you integrate built-in workflows for optimal efficiency across your organization
  • Analyzing your PointClickCare® scorecard to determine performance based on your utilization percentile
  • Training and supporting end users before, during and after implementation
  • Ensuring that its depth and breadth of functionality is fully realized

Senior Living EHR Challenges We Solve

  • Choosing the right solution for your organization at the right price point
  • Configuring it properly based on usage, payers, contracts, revenue codes and other variables
  • Training and supporting end users before, during and after implementation
  • Ensuring that its depth and breadth of functionality is fully realized

Senior Living Medicaid Challenges We Solve

  • Meeting eligibility requirements
  • Managing pending cases
  • Reviewing claims and documentation to ensure compliance
  • Successfully resolving application and appeals
  • Ensuring that documentation supports your facility’s billing
  • Managing adjudication orders to ensure proper disposition
  • Staying on top of continually evolving Medicaid rules and regulations
  • Educating and training staff on the latest billing and reporting requirements

The Richter Difference

  • We understand the senior living landscape
  • We know the challenges you face
  • Our solutions are designed to meet those challenges head-on
  • We are always available to answer questions, discuss issues or help you and your staff navigate complex operational and industry challenges

Enhance Senior Living Facility Outcomes With Richter

To learn more about how the senior living facility consultants at Richter can provide customized solutions for your senior living facility challenges starting today, please fill out the form below to request more information or contact us here.

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