Enhancing Outcomes through strategic partnerships. 

Our Partnerships

Our partnerships offer our clients a multitude of benefits that amplify the quality and breadth of services we provide. By collaborating with strategic partners, we harness a diverse range of expertise, technologies, and resources, enriching our solutions and ensuring they meet the varied needs of our clients. These partnerships foster innovation, enabling us to stay ahead of industry trends and offer cutting-edge solutions that address evolving challenges. 




As the market-leading senior care EHR system, PointClickCare® optimizes care and drives positive business outcomes for organizations across the long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) spectrum. Organizations benefit from a connected care network powered by real-time clinical insights. Richter strongly believes in this platform and is a Strategic Alliance Partner and Certified Training Partner for the entire suite of PointClickCare® applications. We are equipped to help organizations get the fullest extent of the platform through expert implementation, configuration, and optimization solutions.

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How's Mom

How's Mom is the first patient portal in senior living. Through this portal, families are able to conveniently communicate with their loved ones via smartphone and tablet app. By seamless integrating with EHR systems, having a configurable admin center, and partnering with insurance carriers, How's Mom helps organizations increase customer satisfaction, decrease complaints, and provide real-time customer service insights. Richter's partnership with How's Mom is one of several ways we express our passion for innovation and enhancing outcomes in all the ways that matter.

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Reside Admissions

Reside revolutionizes the outdated, long-term care admissions process by delivering a simple, individualized admission experience that residents and families can complete independently. Organizations benefit from a centralized dashboard that measures and monitors the application progress from start to finish while seamlessly syncing with EHR systems to make the process more pleasant for families and insightful for the facility. Richter's partnership with Reside is one of several ways we express our passion for innovation and enhancing outcomes in all the ways that matter.


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