EHR Implementation and Optimization

Optimize Care and Drive Positive Outcomes

Your electronic health records (EHR) system is a substantial investment—in dollars spent, as well as its role in driving efficiency, productivity and profitability. To maximize your EHR investment, you need to maximize your EHR. Richter can help.

EHR Challenges We Solve

  • Choosing the right solution for your organization at the right price point
  • Configuring it properly based on usage, payers, contracts, revenue codes and other variables
  • Training and supporting end users before, during and after implementation
  • Ensuring that its depth and breadth of functionality is fully realized

How We Do It

Richter can help you leverage the power of EHR in ways that benefit your entire organization from day-one. Our EHR Services are customized to meet your specialized needs and include selection, configuration, implementation and optimization for all major LTPAC and senior living EHR platforms. Our dedicated team of certified EHR trainers and implementers each possesses more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

EHR Implementation and Optimization Services

Selection and implementation

  • Software RFP creation, proposal and contract analysis
  • Pre-implementation planning
  • Project management:
    • Resource management
    • Maintenance of training and milestone calendars
    • End-user support services
  • Training
  • Post-implementation support

Configuration and optimization

  • Utilization of basic functions
  • Customization and deployment of additional modules
  • Integration of built-in work flow/work processes
  • Roll-out and ongoing training and support
  • Enhancements and optimization

Enhance EHR Outcomes With Richter

To learn more about how Richter can provide customized solutions for your EHR challenges starting today, please request more information.

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