Revenue Cycle and Reimbursement Consulting

Experience and Insights to Enhance Outcomes Throughout Your Revenue Cycle

Each operational area in a long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) organization faces unique challenges. Yet today more than ever, these areas must be driven by efficient processes, workflows and compliance procedures. Nowhere is this more apparent than in your organization’s revenue cycle.

Richter is the industry’s premier provider of revenue cycle and reimbursement consulting. For more than 20 years, clients have relied on our experienced and dedicated revenue cycle consultants for time-tested revenue cycle and reimbursement solutions that boost efficiencies across the organization, increase collections and profitability, reduce risks, meet compliance mandates and enhance business outcomes.

Whatever your revenue cycle and reimbursement challenges may be, our team listens, analyzes, strategizes and implements customized solutions to Enhance Outcomes in every facet of your organization.

Revenue Cycle and Reimbursement Challenges We Solve

  • Helping ensure timely and accurate claims submission
  • Design, implementation and training around revenue cycle workflow
  • Analyzing and implementing admission best practices
  • Devising and deploying effective census management strategies
  • Managing Medicare/third-party payer claims
  • Handling the Triple Check process accurately and efficiently
  • Developing advanced payer billing and revenue cycle denial management strategies
  • Educating and training staff around all other essential revenue cycle functions

How We Do It

Richter’s revenue cycle consultants help identify where poor performance is costing you money and increasing unnecessary risk. Whether it is a lack of policies and procedures or a need for staff education, it is imperative to be able to collect outstanding accounts receivable in a timely manner, comply with all mandates and regulations, keep staff trained and engaged in best practices and utilize optimal workflows throughout your revenue cycle.

Revenue Cycle and Reimbursement Services

Revenue Cycle and Reimbursement Process Review and Design

Richter will work with your team to conduct a comprehensive review of your revenue cycle process in accordance with the Medicare Integrity Program. We will develop corrective strategies to improve revenue cycle performance; educate your team to conduct internal audits to identify areas needing improvement; and assist your organization with implementing corrective actions to address key deficiencies.

In the end, our revenue cycle and reimbursement process review and redesign solutions foster total compliance with all applicable laws and mandates; identify and help to minimize risks in areas known and unknown to you; and drive revenue cycle efficiencies that promote positive resident and facility outcomes.

Revenue Cycle Billing Compliance Audits and Risk Reduction

Our comprehensive revenue cycle billing compliance audits examine all payers, including Medicare, Medicaid, commercial payers and more. We understand current compliance regulations and requirements at all levels and view your organization’s compliance state through a necessary critical lens. In the end, we deliver actionable recommendations for compliance and continual improvement. We can help you implement these recommendations, train your staff on them, then step back and always be available for questions and additional resources.

Accounts Receivable Recovery and Resolution

  • Comprehensive analysis, review and resolution of aged account balances
  • Billing Medicare copays and deductibles to secondary payers, including Medicaid
  • Completing bad-debt worksheets for inclusion in cost reports
  • Post-recovery reporting for allowable bad debt

Our AR Recovery and Resolution process will also generate relevant and usable insights on all of your organization’s AR processes:

  • What’s working
  • What merits adjustment
  • How much your current processes could be costing you
  • What types of improved processes can help ensure timely AR payments down the line

Revenue Cycle Management Software and EHR Consulting

Whether you’re in the process of evaluating EHR solutions or looking to optimize your existing platform, Richter’s EHR implementation specialists can help. We specialize in selection, implementation, configuration and optimization.

Richter is also proud to serve as a Strategic Alliance Partner and Certified Training Partner for the entire suite of PointClickCare® applications. Visit our EHR Consulting and PointClickCare® Consulting pages to learn more.

Managed Care Contract Analysis, Credentialing and Education

Enhance Revenue Cycle and Reimbursement Outcomes with Richter

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