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Marybeth Fundora

Revenue Cycle Manager

As revenue cycle manager, Marybeth is responsible for achieving KPI targets for her clients. Through her 40+ years of industry experience, she has excelled in this by growing strong collaborative teams. She takes pride in serving as a change agent, and inspires proficiency, innovation and accountability in others. 

Nicknamed by her peers as the “lemon lady,” Marybeth uses a unique methodology to explain the revenue cycle concept. Over the years she has been gifted with more than 500 lemon-inspired memorabilia, which just goes to show how her mentorship has made long-lasting impressions. She looks forward to bringing this same enthusiasm to her clients to achieve timely, quantifiable and consistent results.

Marybeth’s career has allowed her to live in several states including Florida, Colorado, Virginia and Illinois, but as a native of New Orleans, music and food have always played a big role in her life. She is always on the hunt for new recipes—especially variations of her favorite dish, seafood gumbo. Married for more than 35 years with three adult children, she and her family are known for hosting a big annual crawfish boil, bringing together friends and colleagues from all over the country.

Areas of Expertise:
●   Revenue cycle management
●   Medical billing collections
●   Workflow process improvement
●   Standard of practice (SOP) development
●   Team collaboration
●   Staff mentoring & development
●   Succession planning

●    Assisted Living Administrator License (CO, FL)

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